"Telenotes...the wind beneath my wings..."

"Helps me be a better salesperson..."

"Easiest part of my day!"

"It'd be hard to live without"

"Helps me manage my accounts"

"Probably the best tool I've used in sales"

"A good follow-up system"

"Helps me build my relationships with customers"

"Very impressed!"

"You are my sunshine..."

"Telenotes Land"

Telenotes Keeps Me On The Road

Telenotes Gives Me Eyes...

Choose the CRM that will get used

The average user adoption rate for traditional CRMs is ~60%. Reps use Telenotes at a rate of over 94%.

Get timely & complete info

Without timely, accurate, and complete info, your CRM can’t offer any real value to your organization.

Don't steal time from sales

Put your sales team in front of customers rather than behind their laptop with a tool that cuts the administrative burden.

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