Medical Device Sales

Anyone in medical device sales knows the industry is always on the move. New devices, new competitors, and ever-changing regulations are continually shaking up the industry. The never-ending onslaught of “new and improved” means you can’t afford to fall behind when it comes to getting and staying organized.


Your Telenotes CRM VA (Virtual Assistant) is just a tap away. No more lost selling time, or late nights on the hotel wifi logging into some distant website, to update your sales call notes. It pretty easy, following any client interaction tap the app and talk through the details, and your Telenotes VA will do all the data entry for you. Update existing client information, update or add new contacts, update or move items in your pipeline, and even schedule next steps on your calendar. Let your Telenotes VA do the heavy lifting so you can get on with your day, or your night.

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