Telenotes Pricing

Want to update your CRM in just 47 seconds?

Your sales reps love to talk, but hate to type. Yet you still need their data from the field.

Discover how Telenotes can help you keep your reps focused on selling, and leave the data entry to us.

Telenotes makes it all EASY

Boost your reps’ productivity by giving them a way to talk, not type their customer call data

Telenotes can help take wasted hours of admin work, and turn them into just minutes of vital organization time that will increase your reps’ sales and grow your company’s revenue.
• Create call notes
• Schedule follow-ups
• Update contact information
Keep your reps focused on selling, and leave the data entry to us.
Telenotes pricing starts at $135/mo! Contact us to request a personalized demo of Telenotes.

Get real-time visibility into your reps' sales activities

Telenotes bolts on to your current CRM and provides sales managers with the insights and data they need, while giving your reps a sales productivity platform they’ll actually use.
• Easy CRM integration
• Daily Activity Report
• Sales Tracking
Telenotes is the sales enablement platform that your field reps will actually use giving you the sales reports you need for sales growth.

Spend less time on admin work, and more time selling

Telenotes helps your team update information in your CRM, without spending their valuable time bogged down in data entry.


Now your sales team can focus on selling, and consistently hit their monthly quotas.


Search and select companies you want to visit and our app will map out the best route for your sales reps to efficiently plan their day.


The Maps product also allows you to find new business opportunities near you using keyword and industry searches.


“It’s really helped me stay on the road, and not in front of a computer typing out notes and call reports. Enables me to be more professional.” – Jeff F