How does it work?

Leave a message for your virtual assistant

No laptops, no notepads, no timely hands-on records. Once you are ready to update your CRM, simply record a message for your virtual assistant using your cell phone.

Your cell phone and our field sales mobile app are all you will need. Using the app, you record a message and your virtual assistant can:

  • Create a call note
  • Schedule follow-ups and reminders
  • Add or update companies and contacts
  • Update opportunity or project pipelines
  • Record business expenses


Real-time Updates To Your Field Sales Mobile App

Having a Telenotes virtual assistant for sales management allows you to quickly update your CRM after each meeting, presentation, phone call, or any other sales activity.
It generally only takes between 60 and 90 seconds to update our field sales mobile app, so you can get onto the next sale. The virtual assistant for sales will complete your updates shortly after, usually within a few hours.

How Do We Save You Money?

It’s estimated that the average sales employee will spend nearly 32 hours a month updating a standard CRM software. At Telenotes, we believe that time could be used making sales. Using our field sales mobile app, each sales associate will only need to delegate roughly one minute per sales action to record a message. That’s a lot more time left to work on other leads. See how much more efficient your CRM software could be, and schedule a free demo with Telenotes today!

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